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You know what….


…when I’m out and about I love it when I discover street art……if its done well. The popularity of this art form is increasing as people become more exposed/aware of it. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but even the creators of the latest Hyundai   i20 car ad (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG-U-OTtvVE) have tapped into its street marketing value as they change what is actually a rebellious act into something smooth and refined. I’m caught on the fence regarding my opinion of how this has been used. I got excited by the ad because I recognize a lot of the images, but then I feel slightly miffed because the earthy gritty image of the street artist is being portrayed as something much smoother and refined. Don’t misunderstand me, I still like the work, its just that I find it more inspiring when there is mystery and rawness to it.


There are some great social media pages to follow if anyone’s interested. Clet, Urban Street Art and Global Street art to name just a few, There are plenty more to get your creative juices flowing though.


I was just thinking….
Its not often an exhibition will evoke such memories for me as this one. Chris Steins photographic images of the early punk era was certainly a nostalgic walk down memory lane, not because I was part of it but because of the profound effect the whole era had on me. As an 11 year old girl in 1975 I missed the dawn of this era and it wasn’t until maybe 1977 that I remember being so mesmerized and fascinated by the daring of the bands that were being shown on main stream TV. I’m thinking mainly about female artists who broke out of the Diva image and portrayed themselves as more than puppets of the music industry. Blondie, Poly Styrene, Patti Smith, all tipped the image of female pop star on its head and led me like the pied piper into a world of non conformity and semi rebellion! I say semi rebellion because I was really quite tame, always erring on the right side of being bad. But nevertheless these women gave me permission to explore my own imagination and develop my own artistic style and dress code.
Looking at Chris Steins images of 1970’s New York felt the same as when at art school I use to pore over Brassai’s Secret Paris of the 30’s. Everything looks so raw and cold, compared to the clinically clean and orchestrated images of bands we see nowadays. I wonder if when we look back in another 30 or 40 years (should we still be rocking our mortal coil) these images will look so archaic also.
It was an enjoyable afternoon of a bygone era. I don’t think the music industry will ever again have such an impact on young women. I think we were lucky to have been around then, it seems that the only role models for young women growing up now are the ones who allow themselves to be seen as pure eye candy. I can’t think of any current female artist that stops me in my tracks and makes me think WoW she is really saying something.

Chris Stein/ Negative:
Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk (Free Admission)
5 Nov 2014- 25 Jan 2015
East Wing Galleries
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA



Today was great day for a walk up to Canvas Wimbledon, a small gallery near where I live with some great pieces of work.  http://www.canvaswimbledon.com
If you visit the link and go to Artists you can see the variety of work that gets shown.
Bob Dylan has his 2011 collection “The Drawn Blank Series” showing currently. But of particular interest is a painting by John Myatt   http://www.johnmyatt.co.uk who is known as the ‘master forger’. I just like the story behind him, bad boy gone good! I am also intrigued  that I can look at a Picasso painting and think that it’s real even the whole reason it is here is because it’s a fake. Amazing. I do have a soft spot for anything Picasso especially the Blue and Rose period which is a collection of work that is perhaps not so well known among the general public as Picasso.They were  painted at a time before abstract art  and the paintings themselves are more classical in style. So I guess that’s why the Picasso, albeit fake, painting has stayed in my head all day. I’m trying to find an image of it that I can paste here (don’t get me wrong I can find the image it just wont let me paste ) but that’s proving technically beyond me right now (shame) but as soon as I master the skill needed to be a high flying copy and paster then I will insert it!!!


….this is a photo of a genuine Picasso that I took at a different exhibition last month. It was painted in 1901 and called Child with Dove. Any opportunity I get to see a real Picasso is one I wont miss. Even if I didn’t like a painting I would still treasure the fact that I’d have seen it. I do like this one however!

I know the links aren’t working right now another technical feat I have to work out but I might as well publish this as it could be days out of date by the time I suss it out. I started this yesterday so I’m already talking history!! Anyway here it is warts and all and I’m off to read some jargon! Till next time….

Looking for bearings but finding inspiration…


Today I took a trip up to town on a hunt for a Skateboard shop. Not as easy as you might expect and certainly not for me, skater girl I am not !. My son will be so embarrassed I even had to say that! After arriving in Neals Yard we discovered that the shop we thought was there had gone and so sadly there was only one outlet to peruse. Nevertheless we continued our quest to Carnaby Street on the promise of another shop but that too was a disappointment. However even though my son was on a downer due to lack of aforementioned skate stuff I was on a complete buzz as I’d forgotten how exciting and innovative it is to be in London. Not only was it refreshing  to see so much individual style among the people on the street but I’d forgotten how different the shopping experience is when the shops themselves are so inspiring!  I have got to mention a favourite of mine “Irregular Choice” Well and truly funky shoes!! So with a promise to myself  I must go up there more regularly I came home to Wimbledon and back to the ferris wheel.

imageThis image is of a “pop up” gallery we came across on Great Marlborough St. Its Summer Show features  established Pop and Street artists from around the world. They will be there until September 30 and its open Mon-Fri 11-6.30 and Sat/Sun 12-5pm There are paintings, photography, sculpture and installation performance. Worth a visit if you’re in the area.